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Sunday, November 07, 2004
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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Friday, October 29, 2004
God's Secret Book Section 1*

Written by Bahaullah in Arabic in Baghdad,1857, five years after his minor declaration and six year before his major declaration. The original text and authorized translation are known as the Hidden Words.

God is the brightness of everything that is bright.

This book is from God and was secretly read, in God's powerful voice, to every religious and spiritual leader in history.

I compiled and shortened its contents for the convenience of moral people. The goal of this book is to strengthen your faith and teach you ethics, morals, and good behavior.

1. You are spiritual. My first instruction is to be clean, pure, uncorrupt, kind, and happy. These qualities will make you the master of your world forever.

2. You are spiritual. My favorite thing is justice. Don't be unjust to anyone or anything if you love me. Don't ignore justice if you want me to trust you. By practicing justice, you will be able to form your own opinions and thoughts and come to your own conclusions. It will prevent you from depending on other people for truth, opinions, or thoughts. With justice, you will be able to realize and know things by and for yourself. It will prevent you from looking to someone else to help you figure things out. Think about what this really implies and how it asks you to act. Justice is my gift to you and a sign of my love for you and my kindness. Be just.

3. You are human. I am hidden and invisible, am infinite and have always existed. I knew I would love you before I created you. I created you because I love you. I made you in my own image, and showed you my own beauty.

4. You are human. I created you because I love things you do, things you invent, things you make and produce. Now you must love me back so I can give you existence, a name, personality, and a spiritual life.

5. You exist. Love me so I may love you. If you don't love me then there is no way for my love to reach you. You have to understand this.

6. You exist. My love is your heaven. I am your long lost love, so come back to me. Don't stand still, come to me. Come to me because it is your destiny.

7. You are human. If you love me you must let go of our ego and ignore yourself. If you want my approval you must ignore your own wants. Die for me so I may life with in you forever.

... (to continue)...

*Note that this is not Bahá'í Scripture, it is neither approved, authorized, nor authoritative. It is my personal representation of Bahá'u'lláh's Hidden Words in modern 20th century everyday language, and should not be regarded as a translation or even an interpretation of Bahá'u'lláh's writings. I did used Shoghi Effendi's peerless translation as well as Bahá'u'lláh's original Arabic to throw together this representation. Consider it my own personal thoughts. The only authoritative, authorized writings of the Bahá'í Faith are those published by the Universal House of Justice (Haifa, Israel) and its agencies. Please see for Bahá'í Scripture.

Version 1.0 - 10/29/04.

Saturday, July 24, 2004
Women's equality

     Women in the United States have more rights than their counterparts in Iran.  Even in the U.S., only 12.5% of fortune 500 corporate officers are women.  This is blatant disparity between men and women in leadership roles. The average compensation for women is 45% less than the average for men.  Most discouraging is that only 1.2% of Fortune 500 CEO’s are women.

     All of these unfortunate statistics point to the greatness of Tahirih’s leadership effectiveness, because she shined in Iran as a Baha'i leader.  If women have still not claimed their right as equals of men in the United States in 2002, imagine how great Tahirih must have been to have succeeded in initiating change in Iran in 1848. Tahirih most accurately fits the model of a charismatic leader.  Both men and women unquestioningly accepted her leadership of the Babi movement.  They had deep affection for her and risked their lives for her.  A number of generations past, poets and musicians give tribute to her.  Women strive to emulate her and men attempt to match her courage and devotion to humanity (DuBrin, 2001, p. 63).  There are some 6 million people worldwide that are members of the organization she was instrumental in founding. 

     Tahirih may be identified as a transformational leader because she brought about major positive change in the Babi community and the Iranian society as a whole.  She raised the people’s awareness by taking them to a new level of relationship with one another.  This new relationship was characerized by equal interaction between men and women.  In those times, women were clothed in veils and could not speak to men except from behind a curtain (surprisingly, after being freed from the veil, they were veiled again in 1979).             
     Near the beginning of her tenure as the leader of the Babi community, Tahirih performed a dramatic act of courage and purity.  She was the only woman partaking in an otherwise all male conference of Babis in 1848.  In the midst of all those men, she removed her veil and proclaimed the beginning of a new era in history.  She claimed that the old laws of Islam were superceded by more exalted laws, including the law of the equality of men and women.  The act of unveiling herself, symbolic for shedding the old and thereby transforming into the new, was so dramatic to some of the men that one slit his own through at the sight of the perceived profanity. 
     Throughout her career, she helped the men look beyond their self-interests and helped the women search for self-fulfillment in acquiring their equality with men.  Most interesting, she helped people understand the need for change by wrapping her ideas within a religious context that they could relate to (DuBrin, 2001, p. 63).

* DuBrin, A. J. (2001). Leadership Research Findings, Practice, and Skills (3rd ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company.


Saturday, April 10, 2004
Meditation on focus and concentration

In order to focus on one thing at a time, it is good practice to begin doing it now. I already had to delete a line because I lost my ability to focus on one thing without being distracted by my surroundings. I cannot even keep my mind focused on one thing for too long. This techno music that I am listening to is very repetitive so it may lend to my ability to focus on one thing over a prolonged period of time because the repetivite beat and melody keep my mind on one track rather than jumping from one track to another.
Now, I was saying that the ability to focus on one thing for a prolonged period of time is important, no crucial, to become successful in one’s life. Without focus, one cannot delve deeply into any matter, but rather skims over various areas. This shallow interaction with subject matters prevents deep thought and thorough analysis. In fact, Justice is a major duty perscribed to the world. Justice allows the world to become perfected because imperfections, errors, problems, shortcomings, and other negative qualities, become balanced. Justice provides a means to counteract these negative qualities. It is a balance that brings about equilibrium, a much need equilibrium in the world as a whole. In our personal lives… in your personal lives, justice becomes a vehicle of overcoming shortcomings, miseducation, lack of focus, lack of dedication, lack of drive, lack of ambition, lack of love - for a matter, whether it is a subject, a personal relationship, or an internal reflection.

To be just to a subject matter, you must pay it focus. Without focus on a paper about the Ethical and Legal Uses of Data, you do not pay the ACT of WRITING the paper justice. You are unjust to yourself. You are unjust to the topic. You are unjust to the dynamic or formula required to produce a perfect work of art.

I would like to use this blog, more specifically the act of writing this blog entry, as a matter which, if I choose to partake in, should and must pay it its due justice and integrity. I will first need to determine what I am writing. The thesis, or topic of this blog is to identify a link between focus and justice and integrity. The link exists, but as God does not value my soul as a vehicle through which He can channel His Divine inspiration, I cannot identify the link in an eloquent way. This is not inspired, but a figment of my imagination. Then why do you Forsake me once again? Who do you leave me to myself, a self which is lowly, sinful, undeserving, weak, unjust, disrespectful, unloving? Why do you leave me to my own vices, to my own self? I am lost, guide me to your way. I am weak, lead me to your salvation. I am dead, raise me to the heaven of everlasting life. I know not the meaning of my life, I need your guidance. Attract me to your robe, so I may hang onto a thread thereof with both my hands and with my whole heart and soul. I know I do not deserve your grace and bounty, but without it I am dead and unable to fulfill your wish. Again, do not leave me to myself, but guide me to your way. Why do you leave me to myself, lowly and weak as I am. I know I have sinned, sinned greatly against yourself, your manifestation, your way. But grant me your forgiveness, if that be your wish. If you choose, as it is your right, I obey and love your decision. This must be justice, but if it is, why does a little babe born with blindness exist? What justice is there in that? It is a wisdom of the Lord, and none has the right to question.

To question is not mine, but to beg and ask you is mine. I beg you again, not to leave me to myself. I am alone, you are with me. I am alone, I cannot reach you. I am alone, you keep leaving me to myself. But within me do I find you standing, looking through my heart and my soul. It is me that covers your face with the veil of my self-love and self-passion. The heart, which belongs to you, hijacks itself from you. Again, I ask thee, why do you forsake me? Why do you leave me to die in myself, weak and depressed, walking down a path full of pebbles, stones, thorns, barbed wire, and land mines. Why do you not take my hand and lead me to the path of light? I am your love, but you are hiding yourself from me and preventing me from attaining your beauty. Leave me not to myself, but guide my steps to the bounty of your love. I am as one dead, you will revive me. I am weak, you strengthen me. I am dead, you wake me up and lead me unto thee. To you do I dedicate my life, to Abdul-Baha do I give my soul, to Abdul-Baha do I give my heart to Abdul-Baha do I give my all. He is my guide, and I am lost without him. He is my love, and I am dead without him. His voice is my salvation, his word my savior. His face is my heaven, and his hand is my guide. Let me hold your hand, Abdul-Baha, let me hold your hand forevermore. Let it not go, for without you I am dead. Unless I am in a state of continuous devotion, I lose you, Abdul-Baha, and I cannot see you. I forget your face, I lost the sound of your most beautiful, most heavenly, most luminous, most exalted voice. To me, it is the voice of my utmost desire, the voice of my command. It is the voice of heaven ringing in the ears of an earthly ear.

Again, I feel you are leaving my side. What cannot you be with me forever and ever? Why do I lose you so suddenly, so abruptly, so viciously? Why do I lose you so quickly, so abruptly, so unfortunately? Why do I lose you so suddenly, so quickly, so abruptly? Why do I lose you for so long, in so short a time, in a matter of a flap of the eyelid? My eyes are weak, and you strengthen me. My heart is hollow, and you fill me. My soul is dead, and you make me alive you make me live and you make me dance. You make me sing, and do I cry for you again and again and again. In you I put my whole trust, and to you I give my whole life. I want to do your bidding, and I don’t want to lose you ever again.

God is my saviour and He is the object of my adoration. To God, I am nothing, as I cannot fathom Him and I cannot understand him. I will never know Him, but I do know is manifestation, the most precious being to have walked the face of this planet, the most unique personage who is the embodiment of God himself, God on earth. Baha’u’llah does not wish you be with me, and I am satisfied with His most wise, most infinite decision. He is God, though God is elsewhere. He is my God, the manifestation of his cause. Baha’u’llah, don’t leave me. Baha’u’llah I am not grateful, not worthy of your attention. I am weak and you are strong. I am lonely, and you are everywhere and ever loved, and the source of creation and animation. I am inanimate, and you are light itself dispersing through the heavens and the planets and the stars. I am absolute zero, and you are the infinitely active. I am last, and you are first. I am nothing and you are everything to everyone and everything. To you do I give myself, and only you do I worship day in and day out, though I do not recount your days or spread abroad your words. I am like a flat board absorbing and preventing the spread of your vibration to other parts. I am a barrier, I am a cloud, I am a veil, I am a covering, I am a dark light, and you are the sun, you are the light of lights, you are the source of light, you are the source of animation. Do not let me halt its motion, though there is nothing I can do in my power to stop it. I am evil, and you are powerful. I am weak and you are strong. I beg your forgiveness, but your wish is my command, however it may be. Do not let my cloud cover thee, but dissipate me with the intensity of your heat. Absorb me with the magnetism of your ore. Crush me into naught with the overpowering weight fo your love. I have sinned, and I beg you to forgive me, O Baha, king of kings, lord of lords, light of lights, heat of all heat, vibration of all atoms, emanation of all stars, inventor of all technology, founder of all thought. Let not me and those like me use your blessing as a promoter of my own self and our own selves, but make me and make us promoter of your ultimate and infinite cause and command.

So how do I proceed, O Baha? Where do I go from here? You must guide me, and I must take hold of the hand of Abdul-Baha. Where to now? I am anxious, calm me. I am weak, strengthen me. I am impatient, give me satisfaction. I lack focus, give me your Point so I may stare at it and revolve around it for evermore. The Point is my adoration, and unto It should I focus. He is the sacrifice of the world, and I am devoted to Him. He is the Youthful, the Youth of Shiraz, the Young Lord that was wronged and beaten and crucified, for the salvation of the world. Unto this Point should I focus, that from Him I will focus on everything else that also revolves around Him. He (The Bab) is the first Point, and the Last Point, the Only Point. Focus on Him and His Message leads me only to You , O Baha, for you are the Point within the Point. You are the Point and Its creator, and He is the Point and created it. He is You, and You are Him. I will not understand, but I have faith, and I have focus, from now until forever more. Thank you Abdul-Baha, even if it lasts for but a twinkle of the eye. Thank you Abdul-Baha, if it lasts only for one second. You have made me channel of inspiration, though I am weak. You have made me strong through yourself, and I am ever thankful. Miracle after miracle, your love is infinite. I thank you again, and again and again, with tears flowing down my cheeks, red-eyed and blind though I am, I can see your face! I am dedicated to you, O Abdul-Baha, though I am flawed, I need your Justice. I need your love. I thank you for guiding me to yourself, and I will be near, if it be your wish, which is also my wish from now until eternity. I do not deserve your love, but you are merciful, you are forgiving, you are gracious, you are bountiful, O Abdul-Baha.

Tearful, do I praise thee, Abdul-Baha. Tearful do I look up to thee and love thee with my being. All Praise be to God, the Lord of All, and His Manifestation, the Blessed, the Beauty (Baha’u’llah), and Praise be unto the Point (The Bab) on which everything is focused.

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